Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lifes Complexities

Lifes complexities! Its 8:48pm on a saturday.
hmmmm.....Sitting, wondering and wishing if I can really see through peoples hearts their thoughts and intentions??????Of course when we compare with their reactions,words and responses, you will know we humans give misleading interpretations.
Sometimes when words are said why are they miss-interpreted?Why do people say things they do not mean?Why do people not take things as they are communicated????Why are friends not completely real? why do men feel threatened by their Ego? Why do people demand more than they give?? Why are humans selfish?? Why can we not ignore all these odds especially when we know it?? Why do we get touchy about all these?? In all these I know that i have no right to HATE nor DISLIKE people for their odds,because i have mine too and most importantly if God judges me based on my odds i will not be a living being.
Thanks father for your mercy love and faithfulness. Life’s complexities, Trust issues, Achievements, Dreams, Aspirations,Salvation.... hmmm....Trying to find a balance and i know its achievable.
May God help us in finding balance to life’s experiences?

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