Saturday, October 29, 2011


Chaos... Sometimes I wonder the kind of people we are??(Nigerians).The level of hypocrisy, tribal differences, and double standards we live amidst today. All these good will statements made by politicians and their associates on media; is any of these going to cause the slightest bit of change in Nigerian polity or bring peace? For the unrest in the Niger delta, Jos, and the Muslims and Christians disagreements??Hmmm... I know that these seminars and political strategy deployed cannot sanitise any of these......In a summary, this is what I want to say: dont pretend you care about this great nation when you dont, dont make ambiguous press statements you cannot achieve (your 500 points agenda and different visions that will never be achieved.try to be a man of your word because even if the present does not hold it against you, history will surely write it and make references.One of the most dissatisfying attitudes is not just the double standards of the politicians but mostly the attitudes of the people, the citizens (if we need change we should know that it starts from us in every area of our daily activities.)Why all the waste of time criticizing politicians(This allocation comes into our state or local government, but nothing to show for it.Z has several houses and lots more yet he has not built anything for this state or local government or even this country. That person has j numbers of security, yet there is insecurity in our state. That person was calling this political party member a traitor yesterday, now he’s calling him a martyr...Yes agreed it’s all wrong, are you doing anything about it besides talking? Have you filed a suite against anything or anyone you thought is wrong? Ever thought of initiating a real movement with real issues? For that matter will you even remember these 6 months from now? How long will you keep talking and forgetting about things? If you want something you Nigerian, you better learn to fight for it. It requires some real work, real sweat and real sacrifices. And if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. It’s sad that News channels are not courageous enough to disseminate true situation reports, politicians getting overfed with the national cake as they call it, but still wanting more and some citizens still praise sing them. This great country blessed with vast natural resources has not been able to elevate the standard of living because of our leaders and untruthful and unpatriotic citizens. You call it resilient spirit? I think it’s more to do with not having the ball to do anything. Admit your impotency Nigeria.

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