Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Success to me is being able to do things that I wouldn’t have believed possible at one time in my life, challenging myself to achieve my professional and personal accomplishments and also gaining confidence to try things that I wouldn’t have thought possible.
I see success sometimes as going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities, but in their desire to reach their potential.
According to the cliché, “success is a journey and not a destination” in many cases I agree. Success is equally wrapped up in how you see yourself and how you are able to enjoy your life.
We all have different needs, aspirations and talents thus making the meaning of success different in each one of us. If you are like most people you are reading this post because you want to discover the secrets of success. I will want to state categorically that as with everything in life, we get out of what we put in. It will be no surprise to you that DETERMINATION+HARDWORK=SUCCESS.
However, there are some ingredients of life that help us achieve success.
PEACE OF MIND: No one can truly consider themselves happy if they lack this ingredient. Everyone seeks peace of mind but in different channels.
HEALTH AND ENERGY: Success without good health and energy to enjoy life isn’t success at all. It can be likened to a car with no fuel in the tank.
LOVING RELATIONSHIPS: No matter how much financial success some one enjoys, again it’s a hollow feeling if you have no one to share it with. This can be anybody.
FINANCIAL FREEDOM: This is freedom from thinking about money at all. How ever it’s not necessarily being “RICH” but having enough money to pay your bills, feed your family, and take care of basic necessities.
PERSONAL FULFFILLMENT: This can be seen as self actualization or being all you can be. In this path, what you do and how you are is of utmost importance.
WORTHY GOALS: Most people have financial freedom as their top goal, but once you have that big pile of cash, then what? For most rich people, it’s the chase they enjoy especially entrepreneurs. Its human nature to constantly chase things. This can be reflected in their passion for excellence.
NOTE: Success can be aborted if you allow you environment abhor U.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


> I will lift u up when ure falling....
> I will occupy u to avoid distraction..
> I will be your wife,a virtuos one..
> I will be your helper,a saintly one..
> I will be ur princess if u make me one..
> I will make u proud of urself,only if u listen to
> me..
> I will be your partner,if u love me
> accordingly..
> I will be ur bestfreind,if u share ur tots wit
> me..
> I will be ur bridge,when u tink theres no way
> out..
> I will make u proud of me,only if u support
> me....
> I dont need a man calling me
> names............................
> I dont need a man telling me i am FOOLISH..,
> I dont need a man telling me i am STUPID....,
> I dont need a man telling me i am SENSELESS...,
> I dont need a man that will ignore my person...
> i dont need a man that will ignore my desire
> I dont need a man that will not make me his spinal
> chord..
> I dont need a man that will find me irritating
> sometimes..
> I dont need a man that makes me cry
> I dont need a man that has ever felt HATE 4 me,or says
> he HATES me...???
> Make ur woman ur baby..
> Give her generously,coz when u do,it multiplies a
> thousand fold....
> Love her unconditionally...
> Teach her what u want,with love and not
> insults....
> Treat her like that minute is the last u will share
> wit her....
> Make her TRUST u.
> Dont be unkind to her..
> Be A Real MAN.....
> If ur woman doesnt act like you want,it means uve failed
> completely as a MAN
> Real Women Only Need Love To Be Sane.
> Stop LOVING U.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I woke up feeling very cold,sad,apprehensive,sober,elated,strong,calm,willing to make change and hoping i get firm in these decions.yeah i feel some what confused.
I have been praying to God to show me the reason for my existence,because if you talk about passion and ideas i have a lot.i am very intelligent and can adapt anywhere and in any field with little or no supervision after equiping my skills minimaly.
I got married april 17 2010,my husband is in warri delta state and am waiting to get redeployed to one of our branches in benin or asaba to enable me get close to him.
In as much as i dont want to be jobless,i deeply know that theres something great out there for me.
Im very passionate in SALES,In helping people become better people ,creating awareness and i hate injustice,i equally love the right things to be done,either at work or in our everyday lives.
when i was younger,i dreamt of being a broadcaster,presenter,lawyer an accountant(because of power so i will be a top manager in the bank) I equally dreamt of holding power either at state or federal level.
Now this morning at 10:25 am i am trying to reposition my self,my tots and look critically into my dream.
I know wisdom is a deep understanding.(a special understanding of things and people around u)thats what i need at this moment from God.i want to have the eyesight of the eagle.Because i know with out God giving me this wisdom i will continously wander aimlessly.

All am saying is that am confused,i feel a strong passion that am not sure of.

Dear God help me.